These are the base prices for 2 layer cakes. For additional customization, decorations, as well as additional layers, please contact for a quote.

  • 5" $18 feeds 6-8
  • 6" $24 feeds 8-12
  • 8" $45 feeds 14-18
  • 9" $55 feeds 18-22
  • 10" $65 feeds 22-30

For basic frosting and flavored cakes that fit the below categories, please put in an order at least 1 week before your event. For a more customized detailed caked, please put in your order at least 2 weeks in advance.

For delivery pricing in the Los Angeles area, please contact as it is depending on the area code

Meringue Kisses

Minimum order 2 dozen

$6.00 per dozen



  • Minimum order of 2 dozen
  • Basic cupcake with a swirl or rose piped frosting of your choice:
    • $2.75 per cupcake
    • $1.50 per mini cupcake
  • For additional decoration or more elaborate piping please contact for a quote.
  • For delivery pricing in the Los Angeles area, please contact as it is depending on the area code

French Macarons

Minimum order 1 dozen

$18.00 per dozen



  • Mininum order of 1 dozen
  • Please contact at least 2 weeks in advance. For volume cookies, these take a lot of time and preparation and we want to make sure your cookies are prepared and ready to go come your event!
  • Cookies start out at $1.65 for a 2 inch cookie base price, and then go up to $5.50 for a 6 inch cookie.
  • Basic: 1-2 colors and consistencies, no hand-cutting, minimal piping
  • Detailed: 4-6 icing color and consistencies, no hand-cutting, simple details
  • Packaging in individual bags is $.10 more per bag/ribbon
Size Basic Detailed
Petite-2" $1.65 $2.25
Small-3" $2.75 $3.25
Medium-4" $3.50 $4.50
Large-5" $4.75 $5.25
X-Large-6" $5.50 $6.50

For delivery pricing in the Los Angeles area, please contact as it is depending on the area code




  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Red Velvet
  • Carrot
  • Confetti


  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cream Cheese


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate


Summer Fiesta

This summer I had the pleasure of baking for a Fiesta Themed birthday. It was held in a beautiful estate in Beverly Hills, and I made a fiesta themed cake topped with flowers, churro cupcakes, mini donuts, and colorful meringue kisses.

Client: Jennie A. Private Client.
Date: 06.11.2015

Wedding Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of teaming up with "Presh Events", comprised of two wonderful wedding planners extraordinaire, to do a gorgeous wedding photoshoot held at Hartley Botanica, a beautiful green and lush outside wedding venue. I made the wedding cake and French macarons for the photoshoot that day. The wedding cake was pale yellow buttercream, with pink carnations cascading down the cake, as well as my favorite topper I have made to date, a hot air balloon. The basket was white fondant, accented with yellow ribbon, and the balloon itself was made from real rose petals. The French macarons were filled with a mint colored buttercream to go with our pastel theme.

Client: Presh Events
Date: 05.06.2014

Holiday Dessert Table

For the winter season, I styled and baked for a dessert table for a client's holiday party. Her theme was white with a hint of blue, and she allowed me to use my creativity to fully brainstorm a sketch, as well as the types and amount of baked goods to decorate the table. I settled on snowflake sugar cookies, each one piped differently as, just like real life, no two snowflakes are the same. I also made beautiful gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, ice cream cone cake pops, and marshmallow cake pops. These goods were complimented by various pretzels and white, melt-in-your mouth meringues.

Client: Abby - Private Client
Date: 12.14.2014


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Evite, the online invitation company, on several of their content photoshoots, baking cakes and decorated sugar cookies to complement their themes.

Client: Evite

Personal Favorite Confections

These are a list of my personal favorites that I have made in the past.

Date: 11.27.2014




Michele is a self taught baker who has been a lover of crafts and DIY at a young age. She was inspired to start baking after watching the food channel and Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman, as well as other various baking shows. She loved the idea of edible art, transforming her love of crafts, to making tasty and beautiful creations.



She decided to try out baking by making her first birthday cake, and to this day, one of the most favorite parts of her year is making her own birthday cake and deciding what will be the perfect theme. From her beginnings to now over the past several years, she has tackled and tried many forms of baking, always striving to perfect every dessert that she makes.



She desires for wonderfully tasting cakes, but at the same time, for her confections to be eye-catching and remembered. Each confection is truly made with respect to detail and tender loving care.